Get Insight Into How To Obtain An Ilr Visa After Long Residence

The tone and temper of politics in Britain over the last 5 years have made it harder to get an Indefinite Leave To Remain visa. To be successful in your application it is best to have a thorough grasp of the rules. There are various paths to ILR. Most of them require a minimum of 5 years of residence. However, there is one category that is little talked about, but may be apt for a large number of people—including you.

It is possible to obtain an ILR Visa if you are in the Long Residence category. This is for individuals who have been in the U.K. Legally for 10 years or more. Your long residence may be comprised of different visa statuses over time. You may, for example, have come here as a student, and then stayed under one or more of the various work schemes, married, and then applied for a spousal visa. However, you have filled your time in Britain you will be able to apply for ILR if you are now at the 10 year mark and have made a life for yourself in the country.

Ilr Visa

ILR applications based on long residence can be tricky. If your current visa is set to expire soon after you apply for ILR, you should probably use the Home Office’s Premium Same Day Service. It was previously the case that ILR application took up to a year to process. Although such a time range is now rare, it is still possible. And if your current visa is nearing expiration, then you might have to leave the country before you get a decision. Using the new service will allow you to appeal if your application fails, or to extend your current visa. This gives you the security and peace of mind while the matter is worked out.

Another thing you should be aware of is the fees for applying. As of March 18th, 2016, the cost for an ILR is £1,875. This is a twenty five percent increase. To apply for an ILR and get Same Day Service could cost you nearly £2,400. This is a large chunk of money, so you should start planning now if you want to get both the visa and the service.

The essential thing to understand about a Long Residence ILR is that the time you’ve been in Britain is the most important thing. Even if a protracted legal struggle with the Home Office over your residency status takes you over the 10 year mark, you can still successfully apply for the visa. As long as you have been in the country legally, you qualify. Indeed, there are more than a few current cases of persons who have fought their residency case all the way to the nation’s top court and continue to remain in legal limbo. It is still the case that they can apply for a Long Residence ILR, without worry of prejudice against their application.

If you have made your home in Britain over the last 10 years, this is certainly a good option to explore.

Have you lived legally in the U.K. for ten years or more? Learn how to get yourself permanently and legally settled with a long residence ILR Visa .

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