Travel Arezzo and stay in Tuscany

I was frequently in Tuscany, but in this case, I intend to find some places that many people suggested to me: Chianti and Val d’Orcia.About Landscape, I always know what I saw, but the surprise was a welcome, a variety of entertainment and delicious food, especially if you love food.

Travel Arezzo and stay in Tuscany

My journey begins province of Arezzo, a beautiful city where I had been to visit the house of Petrarch (the poet, who wrote the song), I arrived in Lora Ciuffenna driving a car along the highway A1 Florence-Rome, and c ‘is the Relays I have to do.I was there for three days; I chose a hotel with a prestigious tradition of hospitality, now converted into a charming hotel in Tuscany. Villa Belpoggio is perfect for those who want to travel in the area, renting a car or train, as the renowned Chianti region is very large and useful to have a reference point.

I was surprised by the old attic of the house, where pitchers for grain because it is now a meeting room! Is this typical Italian spirit, to reshape the old places? For dinner, I chose a restaurant in Crotona, La Boccaccio because I want to taste the dishes. The chef prepared Agustina ravioli with chestnuts, a delight that I’ve never tried before.

The wines are one of the best products in this country and I wanted to try rare. So I decided to go to Montepulciano, near Siena, which has a winery Factorial del Cerro, largest company that makes Vino Nobile di Montepulciano. Here, the owners suggested, I could appreciate the differences between red wines, the so-called learn to savor the nectar of Bacchus.

I stayed in this area for a weekend and I was in the Hotel to Lupica. Located in Torit di Siena, a good place to watch the Val d’Arcy and get to Siena, San Gimignano and other medieval towns. This is a luxury because it has the characteristics of a place surrounded by greenery, with the elegance of a hotel.

I stayed at this Lupica Blue Suite, a charming and comfortable, I felt like a fairytale house! Talk to the owners in the past worked in fashion, I had confirmation of the specificity of this part of Tuscany. The best rest I spent in the pool in the garden with stunning views of the hills. After visiting all these attractive places, it was difficult to return home, but still I have the desire to return as soon as possible. Now I understand here, move abroad!

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