What Are The Symptoms Of Low Testosterone?

Age chart is perfect tool for finding out the testosterone level. Testosterone is a male sex hormone which helps in developing primary characteristic of male during puberty and then rest of his life. It is produce in women also but relatively in very low amount. Testosterones helps in developing characters like hair growth, spermatogenesis, body development and increase in bone mass, size and also enhance the muscle strength.  They are produced in testes in males and also secreted by adrenal gland but really in small amount. Testosterone amount is different from person to person which is depended on several factors, the major of which is lifestyle. At the age of 25-30 its production has reached to its peak. However after that production of testosterone drops with age, basically after 30, level of testosterone fall naturally. This started causing health problem such as.

Low Testosterone

  • reduced desire for sex
  • fewer erections that happen spontaneously, such as during sleep
  • increased fatigue
  • effects on cholesterol metabolism
  • infertility
  • hot flashes
  • increased body fat
  • decreased strength/mass of muscles
  • fragile bones
  • decreased body hair
  • genetic abnormalities
  • pituitary gland problems
  • type 2 diabetes
  • injury to testicles
  • testicular cancer
  • swelling in the breast tissue
  • a thyroid condition
  • infection
  • HIV
  • side effects of medications
  • alcohol use

Average testosterone level for men is depended on several factor associated with it. After age 30, production of testosterone drops by age. Testosterone level get fluctuate not just by age but with factors such as duration, health status, immune system etc. many of the government organization and universities also provides some accurate information regarding the testosterone and its fall with the age. They also provides testosterone level chart which is invented after their research. If you think that your testosterone level is low then average and you are feeling weakness or side effects of low T then you should consult your doctor or physician. The average chart is provided by Mayo clinic which includes testosterone level of male to newborn babies. It shows that testosterone level varies in all age group and it also depends on several factors. After age 40 symptoms such as reduced libido, decrease in number of erections, infertility and erectile dysfunction is started appearing. Men may also experience emotional, physical and mental changes. The psychological changes such as lack of motivation, self confidence and decrease in muscle mass are commonly seen. These symptoms are generally seen in both men and women. In women they occur due to low estrogen which is similar to testosterone but help in development of female characters in their body. Though it is a natural process but it leads to side effects which may become sever and harm the body. If you feel any of the above mentioned symptoms, do consult the doctor before they become serious and hard to heal. Sometimes low testosterone also occurs due to change in diet, lifestyle or excessive tension and stress.

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