What are the things you need to take care of when you are moving to calgary?

Moving the whole family to Calgary is a big deal, especially when you are moving in with kids. What are the first things you need to take care of when you and your family are moving to Calgary? How can you transition everything and everyone smoothly so the new space still feels like home?

Sit down and talk to your spouse. Before breaking the news to the kids, you need to make sure that the idea of moving to Calgary sits well with your spouse. Does he or she mind moving to Calgary? Listen and find out why the move will create problems. Explain your side as calmly and clearly as possible. At the end of the discussion, the two of you should be united in the decision to move because explaining a big move to your kids will take some pretty strong team work.

moving to Calgary

Gather up the kids and break the news to them. If your kids are still small, the move can be pretty exciting for them. You might not have that big of a problem if they have not really formed attachments to friends and school yet. If you are dealing with teenagers, then popping the question might be a bit more challenging. You may find that when you just say, “How would you like the idea of moving to Calgary?” You will be faced with plenty of negation. Stay calm. Letting the idea sit for a few days would help them process things better. While they might not be able to adjust fully well to the big move, they would entertain the idea of trying to adapt somewhere along the way.

Make the move as pleasant as possible. You need to let go of not just things and jobs but also people. Are you moving to Calgary? Then you must acknowledge the fact that some heavy emotion is involved especially from your kids whose lives revolve around friends in school. Moving to another state is a big milestone for them, and you must acknowledge that they will miss their home. The new space is completely alien for them until they have given it room in their lives. Hold a moving out party. Arrange for communication lines to be open between them and their friends so they will see that they aren’t being uprooted, and that you are only widening their horizon. It might also be a good time to slowly introduce Calgary as their new home. Let them look at places they can enjoy while they are there, and help them adjust once you settle down in your new home.

Think about the logistics. What other important things must you do when you are moving to Calgary? Picking out an exceptional moving company is one. Make sure you were able to compare 5-10 moving companies before making your decision. You must also look for a new doctor. You can explain to your doctor that you are moving so s/he can prepare advanced prescriptions for you while you are looking for a new doctor in the area. You will also need to settle your bank accounts and insurance policies to make sure both are applicable in your new home. The kids’ school and health records will also need to be transferred so they can easily start their new life with you in Calgary.

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